Profitable Laser Engraving Business Ideas

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There's a lot you can do with a laser engraver, and it's understandable if you haven't decided which segment to target for your brand.

There's a lot you can do with a laser engraver, and it's understandable if you haven't decided which segment to target for your brand.

You can laser cut jewelry, engrave trophies, etch beautiful glasses, or make beautiful laptop accessories, not to mention anything you can accomplish with a little plywood.

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Today, I'm going to suggest various atomstack s20 pro laser engraving machine business ideas to help you decide which route your brand should go. Without further ado, let's jump right in:

1. Create Woodcuts and Ornaments

If you love woodworking, you can turn your passion project into huge profits if you choose to design custom wood trim or provide wood etching, cutting and engraving services.

Even if woodworking is not yet your hobby, a woodcarving business is easy to set up; it can generate a high return on investment quickly and is a fairly flexible business.

learning curve
Most types of wood are fairly easy to work with, at least a lot easier than tough steel or metal. Even if you've never done it before, the learning curve is shallow and you should be able to handle laser engraved plaques, name signs and logos in just a few weeks.

The most difficult orders you may receive revolve around cutting complex shapes, especially curves. A perfect example of a tough woodcut job is a lengthy name in cursive.

Typical order
You can shape wood into all kinds of things. Some may ask for their wedding day portrait on a piece of polished oak; others may want custom work on their mahogany guitar (body) and most orders you should expect are simple Name or engraving associated with the symbol.

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Custom orders for wood signage, doors, furniture, and tree trunks are often the most popular.

Cheap or expensive?
There are a few things to consider before deciding which wood to use. First, consider availability. You can find pines almost anywhere, and American maples are almost always in short supply.

Domestic wood is always cheaper than imported. This is why some people find European oak unreasonably priced, while Balau oak is only available in certain countries. The exception here is Scandinavian rosewood, which is usually imported into the US at rock-bottom prices.

When you cut and etch wood, engraving machines are fairly low maintenance. Lasers don't last as fast as steel engravers say.

Build a boutique shoe brand

Custom designs on dress shoes can be very lucrative, although it can be a rather risky venture. Even if your town is full of shoemakers, you can always start an online shoe business, either way I highly recommend.

There are several ways to start a boutique shoe business; you can make shoes and engrave custom designs from scratch, or buy "blank" shoes to have special engravings. The second option is simpler and cheaper, but not as profitable. Let's review the basics:

learning curve
Making a shoe is a little more complicated than etching a custom design into the shoe. I'd recommend buying a lot of "blank" shoes and then working on them, although this will inevitably have a small impact on your bottom line.

Using dress shoes is similar to using tough leather. They may be sturdy to the touch, but they're basically paper-thin when placed on the laser.

The process of trial and error is practically unavoidable here. While every pair of shoes you ruin is a hundred (or so) bucks, you can sell it, but if you can live with the slow start, you'll end up making thousands of dollars expertly.

The combination of fine holes and fine lines is the easiest design you can etch onto a pair of leather shoes. "Blooming" flower designs are also very popular, although they are very simple to create - all you need to do is laser cut the main holes, reduce the intensity, and create dotted circles around them.

Established glass etching company

Using a atomstack a5 pro laser engraver to etch fine engravings on wine glasses is a good idea for several reasons. First, it's easier than you might think. You don't have to worry about materials because glass is very cheap, but more importantly, it doesn't degrade.

People usually do basic engraving on cheap glasses using a rotary drill and a flexible shaft, but you will have a huge advantage over most of your competitors because you will have a atomstack laser engraver capable of finer operations.

It's an excellent market for anyone who doesn't want to risk competing with big names in the industry for customers, and when the holidays and birthdays start to line up, you're pretty much guaranteed to have a full store every week.