Amazing properties of Water or how to have fun on Vacation

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Amazing properties of Water or how to have fun on Vacation..

An inexpensive vacation in the Krasnodar Territory can be an excellent platform for the development of children during a family vacation. Even during a quiet pastime on the beach of the Belaya River near our tourist base "Belaya Reka", you can easily find a lot of interesting facts that will entertain the child and strengthen his interest in the environment.

Let's continue our experiments on the beach and in the water, helping children to better understand the nature of certain physical phenomena (the beginning is given in the previous article on our website).

Physics around us: experiments on the beach

You can clearly demonstrate the effect of the buoyancy force of water while diving into a river. If there are small sharp pebbles at the bottom of the reservoir, then with each step deeper, the unpleasant sensations from them for bare feet become less and less. This happens because as the body is immersed in water, the weight of the body decreases, which means that it presses on the bottom with less force, and the feet touch the stones more easily.

Surprisingly, an adult, whose weight on land reaches 70-80 kilograms, when completely in the water, weighs only 4-5 kilograms! Professional swimmers make the most of this water effect. They take a breath in the air, but exhale directly into the water, because if a swimmer raises his head and shoulders to enter, his weight increases sharply from 5 kg to 30-35 kg.

Water can not only accept the body, but also resist! You can verify this in a very simple but visual experiment. It is enough to hit the water with your hand first with an open palm, and then with the edge of your palm. You need to be careful, because with a very strong blow with your palm, you can even beat off your hand. It turns out that depending on the shape of the body and speed at the moment of contact with soda, the braking speed changes (the sharper, the more painful).

As we have already seen, water resistance directly depends on the speed of movement. If you plunge into the water “up to your neck” and start walking slowly, you almost don’t feel any resistance, but if you try to run, it will immediately become difficult, as if your whole body is bound by a viscous liquid.

Another entertainment that all boys and girls love is throwing small pebbles into the water. At the same time, pebbles thrown almost parallel to the water do not immediately sink, but manage to jump several times over the surface of the reservoir. This is due to such a property of water as inertness. Simply put, the water simply does not have time to absorb the stone, and it bounces further. But with each jump, its speed drops, and eventually the pressure on the surface of the water increases to a critical value, after which the stone sinks.

Come to the tourist base "White River", book an environmentally friendly log house with all amenities and hurry up to conduct interesting physical experiments on the beach! It is not necessary to dwell on this, because natural phenomena surround us everywhere: in the forest, in the mountains, in caves and near waterfalls. And the Republic of Adygea is the best place for young researchers to relax.