Article Requirements

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VAK puts forward a number of requirements for scientific publications that must be taken into account when writing and designing them which is discribed by professional writers

Article Requirements

VAK puts forward a number of requirements for scientific publications that must be taken into account when writing and designing them which is discribed by writers: 

  • Structure clarity. The scientific work should have a clearly executed structure, which consists of annotation, content and a list of sources.
  • The volume of scientific work is 8-10 pages.
  • Highlighting keywords. It is obligatory to use keywords in the text, using them both in English and in the national language.
  • A small number of sources. A scientific publication cannot contain more than 10 theoretical sources.
  • Quality of presentation. The text of a scientific publication should be logically connected, consistent and written in a language understandable to the audience. The work should clearly show the cause-and-effect relationships necessary to understand the essence of the study.
  • Scientific style of presentation of the material. The text of the publication should not deviate from the scientific style, but at the same time, terms that are understandable only to narrow specialists should be used to the best of their ability.
  • Uniqueness. The research must be unique, so a rigorous plagiarism check will be carried out. The volume of quoting should be minimal, it is best to stick to your own position.
  • No errors. The publication should be checked for all errors and shortcomings. Only works with high literacy are allowed for publication.
  • Translation into English. Due to the fact that English is an international language, all scientific publications must be translated into it.

At the same time, the scientific publication must fully comply with the dissertation on the basis of which it is compiled. They should be written on related topics using similar data collection and research methods.

Number of publications

The number of publications for defending a dissertation is determined by the commission and the degree that the specialist wants to receive. For a Ph.D. thesis, it is necessary to have 5-7 monographs; for a dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science, it is necessary to have more than 10 scientific articles reccomends service.

It should be noted that this number includes speeches at conferences, participation in major scientific projects, as well as research publications.

The number of monographs required to defend a Ph.D. dissertation should not be intimidating, since the study has been written for a long time. Writing a large-scale dissertation takes several years. During this period, an active specialist will accumulate a large number of articles and marks about taking part in conferences and projects.

Where to publish an article

VAK provides scientists with a list of recommended scientific publications in which they can share their work.

When choosing a publication, it is necessary to inquire in advance about their conditions for publishing an article, as well as the requirements for the text.

Difficulties with dissertation papers? Writing an article to order at service! They should be taken into account when writing a monograph. As a rule, they are supplemented by certain criteria that may differ from the rules in methodology.

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