How Serviced Offices Provide Greater Agility & Reduced Risk in Business?

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A serviced office space in Dubai provides a lot of benefits for businesses big and small. To put it simply, a serviced office space in Dubai provides businesses with greater agility.

A serviced office space in Dubai provides a lot of benefits for businesses big and small. To put it simply, a serviced office space in Dubai provides businesses with greater agility. So if you are looking for serviced offices  in Dubai, then you are on the right path.

Many businesses faced severe losses when the lockdowns started due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They were stuck with long-term contracts on their office spaces and so could not get rid of these huge expenses that came with a permanent office space. These were expenses that provided no return them.

Businesses with long-term office spaces could not get rid of them because no one was in the market for buying or renting office spaces then. The pandemic proved that there are certain risks associated with long-term contracts. As a result, offices spaces with flexible contracts that provided businesses with greater agility came into the spotlight.

What is a Serviced Office in Dubai?

Serviced offices in Dubai are a type of office space that is rented as a package consisting of both office space and business services. In the package, you will receive an exclusive private office and as well as access to business services such as a receptionist, mail handling, call handling, admin services, etc. You will also get access to breakout rooms and meeting rooms from the business center you are renting from.

serviced offices dubai come fitted and furnished from the start. You can move in immediately after renting and so you will have greater agility and lower move-in costs. Business centers rent out several serviced offices to different businesses. This creates a community of like-minded people who shares communal spaces together. It helps businesses network and find more clients or potential business partners.

Serviced offices are prepared for you to move in immediately after you rent them. They come prepared with an internet connection, telephone line, furniture, necessary office equipment, etc. You can use serviced offices for yourself, or with a team of 100 members, it is totally up to you. Business centers have enough space to fit the whole team without any problems.

Things to Consider When Looking for Serviced Offices for Rent in Dubai

There are a lot of business centers in Dubai. However, not all of them provide serviced offices that are up to the standard. When looking for the best-serviced offices for rent in Dubai, you need to consider a couple of things first. You are looking for serviced offices that provide the best features within your budget.

Here are the things you need to consider when looking for serviced offices for rent in Dubai:

1. Office Address

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a serviced office for rent in Dubai is the location of the office space. You need to consider your requirements as well as the opportunities provided in the location. Some business centers provide office spaces in the heart of buzzing commercial districts that provide many opportunities for your business. While some offices will be located in desolated areas, where you will neither find opportunities nor clients or customers.

2. Business and Corporate Services

Since serviced offices for rent in Dubai come in two parts, the office space, and the services. You need to check the validity of both before making a decision. Once you have established the suitability of the locations, you need to check the business and corporate services provided by the business center. If the services provided match the industry standard, then you are good to go.

3. Communal Spaces

One of the main benefits of rent a serviced office in Dubai from a business center is the networking opportunities that come with the space. A lot of big and small businesses rent offices from business centers. If the business center provides popular communal spaces in the neighborhood, then the chances of you making a connection, meeting a potential business partner, or landing a clients increases. So, you need to check beforehand if the business center provides the communal spaces you are looking for.

4. Amenities

Business centers provide meeting rooms, common kitchen areas, game rooms, leisure activities, etc. Since business centers are in competition with one another, the amenities provided by them differ a lot. So, you need to ensure the business center you will be renting the serviced office from provides the amenities you have in mind. For example, if you will regularly need a meeting room then you should look for a business center that will be able to provide one at your notice.

5. Contract Flexibility

Last but not the least, you are looking for a serviced office for rent in Dubai that will be able to facilitate you at a moment’s notice. That means, they need to be able to handle short contracts. There are a few business centers that might have long-term contracts, but you might miss out on those crucial details in a rush. Always take your time to go through the whole contract before signing anything.

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