Study in Zagazig University Faculty of Medicine

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Zagazig University is involved in various research projects. The University provides graduates with an educational system that keeps up with technological advances and public challenges, as well as international cooperation in addressing and fulfilling the logical research and fundamental needs of creation in Egyptian culture, as well as the passion for progress for human progress.


Advantages of MBBS in Zagazig University Faculty of Medicine

The College is accredited by the Medical Council of India, so students who complete the course can return to India and work there.

The college does not collect any donations. As Zagazig University tuition fee is affordable, students who cannot study medicine in India can now do so here.

Effective medical, educational, and social technologies, as well as creative scientific research, are essential to effective work for the greater good.

And students can pursue their postgraduate specialization here if they wish.

Zagazig University students are provided with medical insurance that covers all treatments provided by the university's medical care to all students to protect the safety of international students.

Students begin clinical work in the third year, giving them significant experience in handling and treating patients.


Why MBBS in Egypt?

MBBS university fees are very expensive in India, however, they are relatively reasonable and cheap in Egypt.

Egypt's medical institutions are among the top 500 universities in the world.

MBBS course in Egypt is known all over the world.

No service charge or any other kind of donation is requested.

Medical students have access to some of the best educational materials in the world.

Additionally, English is spoken on campus for the convenience of all international students.

It has emerged as a medical teaching institution, attracting international students with work permits in the country.


Advantages of Studying MBBS in Egypt

The cost of MBBS in Egypt is very reasonable.

Medical universities in Egypt are certified by MCI, WHO and other organizations and have experienced faculty to assist students at any time. People who value education are also welcome.

In addition to many educational options, the best MCI accredited institutions in Egypt facilitate the blending of cultures and sharing of cultural values.

International students are housed in international standard hostels and the curriculum and courses offered are comparable to those offered in other countries.