University of Sydney

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The University of Sydney is one of the world's leading, comprehensive research and teaching universities. We offer an exceptional range of departments – over 400 areas of study – our community includes over 70,000 students, 8000 permanent and fixed-term staff and 350,000 alumni in over 170 countries.

Leadership has always been at the core of our values. We were one of the first universities in the world to admit students solely on academic merit and open our doors to women as well as men. Our mission is not to improve lives by creating leaders of society, but by equipping our people with the attributes that will allow them to serve all of our communities at every level.

In creating the first university in Australia in 1850, our founders recognized the power of education to promote positive change. We hold firmly to that belief even today.

Specialization of research
Our research is driven by the big picture. From fighting the world's deadliest diseases to inventing tiny devices that make a super-sized difference to computing, we excel in innovative collaboration.

Supported by more than 90 research centers, our researchers are finding solutions to the world's biggest challenges – and more – by changing the way they look.

Working with leading companies including Microsoft, GE and Qantas, we create products, systems and services that benefit the communities we serve – locally, nationally and globally.

A unique education
The world is changing and so must university education. We've reimagined the Sydney undergraduate experience – the way we teach and the way you learn – to prepare you for a future full of possibilities.

We recognize that the future of work will be very different, so our ambition is for every University of Sydney student to finish their degree confident and able to think critically, collaborate productively and impact the world.