Ways to choose the best seats with Alaska airlines

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Ways to choose the best seats with Alaska airlines


Sometimes, the customers are not convinced with their seats while tarveling. But, the Alaska Airlines Seat Selection process makes the task easier for travelers. They can look on the airline seat map choose the right seats. 

It’s the sixth largest airline in North America whenever you book a flight; the customers are offered exclusive services; if you’re flying in the first class, wider seats are available with extra legroom space. 

Besides these, several other things can make your trip quite awesome. 

How to make the seat selection with Alaska airlines?

There are some steps are below:

  1. You need to access the website of the Alaska airlines
  2. Here, you need to look for the Check-in tab
  3. Now to check in, the customers need to the departure city reservation
  4. However, you can choose from the following options confirmation code, e-ticket number the mileage plan number
  5. Now, you can view the reservation
  6. The customer can make the seat selection by the Alaska seat selection method
  7. If you are satisfy with the seat selection, continue to make the payment
  8. You need to complete the check-in by confirming the seats of your choice. 

How much do you need to pay for the seat selection?

If the customers choose their seats through the official website, it’s free. On the other side, the traveler selects their main cabin upgrades to the premium; then you need to pay about $15 choose the seats. 

Note: If you can’t report to the airport or catch the flight on time, read the Alaska Airlines Missed Flight policy. 

What are the different types of seats available at Alaska airlines?

  1. Economy seats:

The customers can select the min cabin or the basic economy seats from the same airline. However, there is a slight difference of about $15-30 available on the back side of the aircraft. 

Here you are offer the basic services a standard food menu. 

  1. Premium seats:

Moreover, the standard aircraft of the airlines provide about 30% of the premium seats. Although, these seats offer amazing services like increased leg room by about 4 inches, making you feel more comfortable throughout the trip.